Deceased Farm Haunted House


By entering the attraction, you agree to abide by all posted rules and any verbal instructions given by our staff.

The creatures inside may touch you ... please do not touch them. Do not touch or disturb the props. Punching or kicking an actor will lead to immediate removal with no refund and possible legal action.

Strobe effects, simulated fog and high voltage electrical devices are in use which could be disturbing to epileptics, asthmatics and others.

Persons with mechanical or electrical medical devices should not enter the haunt.

Do not leave the designated paths and trails.

This attraction contains claustrophobic passageways, sudden scares, loud noises, simulated violence and extreme darkness. Deceased Farm is not recommended for young children.

Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult.

Persons with heart, back or breathing problems that could be aggravated by this environment should not attend.

Expectant mothers should not attend.

Smoking and chewing tobacco is not permitted.

Absolutely no running. The passageways are narrow and in some areas the ground is uneven, please use caution.

All cell phones should be turned off or set to vibrate. We STRONGLY recomend you leave them in your vehicle. Every week someone loses something valuable and it is never found. This includes phones, keys, earings, necklaces etc.

For your safety and the safety of those around you please do not use devices to light the pathways. Absolutely no lighters, flashlights, laser pointers, cameras or recording devices are allowed inside. The creatures trolling around out front of the attraction will be glad to pose for photos and scare your friends for you!