Deceased Farm Haunted House

About Deceased Farm

Featuring two complete haunted houses, Deceased Farm is fast becoming the Midland’s premiere haunted attraction. Conveniently located in Lexington, South Carolina next to the corn maze at Clinton Sease Farm, you can spend the day wandering the corn maze and when darkness falls come over to test your bravery in one or both attractions.

The main haunt encompasses three buildings that are crammed full of state of the art props and sets inhabited by over 30 live characters surrounded by a 2 acre haunted corn maze.

3D-ceased is a unique experience where the terror surrounds you. You wear a pair of 3D glasses just like you get at the movies, but that's where the comparison ends. Once you enter the doors you will be astonished at the incredibly detailed artwork and props that have been created by world renowned artist Stuart Smith of Stuartizm Designs LLC. Stuart literally travels the world painting his distinctive designs in venues large and small.

Deceased Farm is a very intense attraction and is NOT recomended for small children. We recomend children 12 years of age and up, but we will allow children younger if accompanied by an adult. Keep in mind that we do not offer refunds, so be sure your child is mature enough to handle the experience.

Both haunts are self guided tours so you can move through at your own pace. The main haunt generally takes between 30 to 45 minutes and the 3-D experience is around 10 to 20 minutes.

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